ICSC’s involvement in the Parliament of the World’s Religion

December 1-8 Cape Town- South Africa 1999.

The Most Extraordinary gathering in the world:

You see! The human being pass through multiple revolutions as cycle of life continues to toward its final destination. In the course of revolution some events which occur are of individual nature, while others are of collective nature. In remembrance of the important occasions mankind celebrate and rejoice the spirits of the past, related to their courage and achievement. In reality it provides an insight to people to stand together for their common causes.

Toward the end of 2nd millennium from 1—8 December, Parliament of the World’s Religion organised a gathering in Cape Town , South Africa . This was a unique assembly of all faith, whether small or large in number, they all had the opportunity to be there and express their faith freely and meet leaders, representative and members of other religion and culture. It was reported that 8500 members of different faith had travelled from various part of world to participated, from them there were over 900 scholars specialising in their perspective faith to give lectures and speeches during the course of 8days. The mini transport shuttles were mobile twenty hours day, taking people to various locations and returning them back to their residential base. The whole operation was monitored from a technical college assembly hall wherein good large of computers were in operation. It appeared like a precision military operation. The organisers of the gathering deserve our profound compliments and gratitude for their skills of management at world level, extensive effort to maintain flow of multiple functions and their dedication and care to ensure safety and security for all participants.

Islamic Cultural Study Centre was invited to send delegate to Parliament of the World’s religion and delegate could present a paper connect to the theme of Islamic faith as Islamic Cultural Study centre is an institute for advance study of Islamic theology, practices and spirituality. The chose theme was “Divine Will and the destiny of Mankind.

This paper was mainly on the relationship of creature with their creator and the ideological development of spirituality. On day of presentation of the paper, lecture hall was completely full and many think tanks were present. After the lecture there was a question and answer session. It can be said that zeal of participants was satisfactory.

You see! Cape Town became a centre whereby all the religions of the world were in a very close encounter. The multiple lectures, conferences, speeches and social functions gave ample opportunity to each candidate to convey full message from a common forum. It was not a question of superiority over each other but what is the best thing that can be share with others. Islamic Cultural Study Centre had a great deal to share with other religion, the international Islamic Cultural literature, Theological literature, spirituality and mystical philosophy. This gained a gigantic popularity and acceptance.

The Global Dawah

You see! Dawah is an Arabic word. This Arabic word when viewed from literal angle, it reflects it meaning as a call or invitation and when approached from the theological angle, it signals to the command of God. There is a side of simplicity and a side of complexity to the work of Dawah. The initial requirement of the Dawah sequence is self preparation and not the public opportunity. There are important rules which govern the commands of Dawah and they must be taken into consideration so that necessary preparation can be made in order to achieve the best results.

You see! Islamic Cultural Study Centre gradually progressed and reached international standards of Dawah through knowledge, wisdom and practical experience. It is easier to set up a centre with few books on the shelf and signed displaying Dawah Centre and start the campaign of fund raising and this is the engagement of some organisation. This type of attitude can mislead people and cause diversion. In any encounter of dialogue or discussion or propagation, one must view the need of people, their educational standard, and their cultural enrichment. There are many sensitive issues in the contemporary world and it would be unfair to pursue matters without proper thoughts given to feeling of individuals and society.

The important lines taken by ICSC at global level:.

  • Serving at local level— teaching basic knowledge of Islam related to the Qur’ and the Hadith, the saying of Prophet Mohammad, peace of Allah be upon him.

Teaching the prayers and rituals to develop spirituality.
Teaching the wisdom of communication, how to relate matters to others.
Teaching and training given in awareness of other fellow humans, such as respect and appreciation of others people is essential.
The refinement of self character in knowledge, wisdom, spirituality and power of eloquence.
The motivation of work for the love of God and concern for fellow men not ego centric entrapment.
Meeting the cultural, literary and spiritual need of international community.

You see! All divine rewards are dependant on the intention and if inner dynamics are honest in their endeavour than tree is very likely to yield the fruit which would induce sweet taste and if the intentions were materialistic and exploitation of simple mind then the pollution will take over causing fitna and resentment. It has been a major task of ICSC to bring forth a balanced Dawah and maintain that course of equilibrium at global level for the benefit of mankind.

The need for the Dawah existed in the past, it exists in the modern world and no doubt it will continue to exist in the future generation. A man of Dawah whether an individual or a small society or an organisation with multi million assets should understand that this is a free choice of benefit given to others and ICSC efforts are to present that free choice compatible to contemporary phase of life. Ameen.