Sufi Traning Services

The IICSC provides individuals the opportunity to learn traditional Sufism according to the Naqshbandi Spiritual School; the deep philosophy of the Sufis, the external and internal ritual practices of the Sufi masters to unlock the illuminating treasures of love, light, faith, inner peace, spiritual enlightenment and the greater understanding of the universe, its dynamics and its creator God All Mighty. This training is ideal for those individuals who are searching a spiritual path to God All Loving or protection and self healing from demonic forces and its dynamics or simply those individuals whom want to break away from the devastation of materialism whilst living and interacting in the modern industrial world. For more details please do not hesitate to contact the centre and speak to Sheikh Mahmood H Rashid.

Below are some Articles and a video Explaining certain aspects of Sufism.

Introduction to Sufism
The Spirtual Lineages of the Naqashbandi Spirtual Order
Short Biography of Sheikh Mahmood H Rashid - The 37th Naqshbandi Sufi Master and Teacher of Sufism at the IICSC.