Quranic Services

The IICSC provides traditional Quranic teaching to adults and children, male or female under highly qualified teachers. The teaching is lead by Ustad Shareef a man of great knowledge and passion for the teaching of the Quran. This course is free to all and there are numerous classes that run on Saturdays and Sundays from 7am until 9pm at the IICSC (see about us & contact us for further details). Our curriculum of the teaching of the Quran is tailored for all levels from beginners to those students who are advanced; we teach not only reading but we give Tafsir (meaning) of each lesson and teach Hifz (memorization) of the Holy Quran. Furthermore students who have learned a number of Juz (Parts of the Holy Quran) are encouraged to teach other students (under the supervision of the teachers) in the centre giving them practical experience of teaching the Quran.


Those who finish the course receive a special gift and Certificate certifying their Quranic qualification at the Graduation Ceremony held once every year. For younger children the centre regularly holds Quran competitions throughout the year in which prizes are distributed for the winning children which gives incentives and increases their driving power in learning the Quran. Those who finish the course are given the opportunity for further development of their knowledge by being trained in Hadith and Jumma kutbas as well as giving them the practical experience to lead the Jumma (Friday prayer) at the IICSC centre. For those who are interested please come to the centre and see Ustad Shareef on Saturday or Sunday. He will asses your level and put you in your corresponding group and inform you the time you must come.

Below is a photograph of a young hafiza graduate at the Graduation Ceremony receiving duas from Sheikh Mahmood H Rashid (left) and Ustad Shareef (right) as well as gifts and certificate.