Below are photographs of some influential people in dialouges with the IICSC Chairman: Sheikh Mahmood H Rashid

A meeting at WULFSHAGEN CASTLE GERMANY between Sheikh Mahmood H Rashid and ADMINISTRATIVE JUDGE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS with the exchange of ideas related to Kashmir issue and atrocities committee in India occupied Kashmir

Sheikh Mahmood H Rashid in dialouge with Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Birmingham UK at an international Student Evening.

A dialouge between Sheikh Mahmood H Rashid and Professor Nott of the University Of Hamburg Germany on the problems of teaching Islam in state schools caused by sub-division.

Sheikh Mahmood H Rashid having a dialouge and presenting his latest books to Mr Anwar Ibrahim DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA

A dialouge between Sheikh Mahmood H Rashid and the PRINCE OF MALAYSIA Raja Usman whom is viewing Madina-Tun-Nur Magazine written by the Sheik

The PRINCE OF WALES having a dialouge with Sheikh Mahmood H Rashid; viewing a model of mosque, Sheikh Rashid is explaining the Mystical Features of the mosque to Prince Charles.

Sheikh Mahmmod H Rashid in dailouge and presenting special reciting beads to Propst Reinhard V. Kirchbach (German Church Leader). A man of great depth in mystical philosophy. The ceremony was performed at Wulfhagen Castle Germany.

A dialouge between Sheikh Mahmood H Rashid and Terry Davis, M.P. Senior Member of Parliment; Sheikh is presenting Nizame-Mustafa Magazine.