Healing Services

IICSC provides effective, traditional Sufi healing services to all individuals from all over the globe who are suffering from spiritual as well as

Our steady growth can be attributed to four core principles:physical ailments according to the Quran and Sunnah. Spiritual ailments may include possession of jinn (demon), the evil eye or even black magic never the less numerous people have globally benefited from the spiritual healing conducted by Sheikh Mahmood H Rashid irrespective of sex, race, religious and cultural beliefs. The aim of the healing service is to cure the individual INSHALLAH (by the will of Allah) as quickly as possibly as well as giving the individual the opportunity if they wish to become self sufficient by learning the art of spiritual self defence and become closer to God by taking up the Tariqa (sufi training) so that they do not need to become dependent on other people when they become ill who may end up exploiting them. Sheikh Mahmood H Rashid is highly qualified in the Sufi Sciences as well as the Shariah and has learned, is the student of the Grand Sufi Master of the Naqhsbandi Order Khwaja Mahsoom (R.A.) the 37th Sheikh of the Naqshbandi Order.

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