Dawah Services

The IICSC provides Dawat ILallah which involves the awareness of Islamic Faith, Practices, Theology, Spirituality and deep Philosophy. We are constantly in dialogues with members and leaders of multi faiths such as Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Humanitarians and Atheists at national and international levels on theological, cultural and social issues, to provide support for the advancement of mankind as a collective community. The centre has successfully held and been part of numerous great multi faiths gatherings; internationally participating at the World Parliament of religions for a number of years, International Gathering held in Bathroi, an open gathering at Hamburg Gardens in Germany and in the South of France in which 70,000 delegates of different faiths attended. Furthermore locally participating at a world faith encounter event in which 30,000 delegates of global faiths were present at the NEC in Birmingham . (For further detail please see specialist international dawah movement section of website).

We strongly believe for a modern Muslim in the 21st century living in a multifaith environment dialogues between Muslims and members of other faiths are essential to maintain the equilibrium of peace, tolerance and love of mankind. For this reason the IICSC runs a program for advancing Muslims in the art of dawah; the development of a broad knowledge of Islam combined with culture of the British society and the culture of the multifaith. Those people who are interested in learning the Dawah please contact the centre.

The IICSC provides the Dawah towards the Muslims by constantly producing Islamic literature of an international standard to develop the intellect; (scientific, technical, philosophical, spiritual, cultural, ritual faculties) of the Muslims so that the Muslims are updated according to the Quran and Sunnah (see complete Islamic literature section of website).