Suffering and Divine Guidance

Muslims have a strong belief that suffering is a part of human life and there are different types of suffering in life. The Quran clearly reveals that the prophets and their followers were subjected to all kinds of mistreatment, adversity and turbulence and they were shaken to such a state that they would say when is the help of Allah coming. For spiritual reasons understanding the different types of suffering is essential, because it can give an insight into reality and man may seek help from his creator.

There are two main criterions of sufferings, whether it is an illness causing pain or a misfortune occurred giving rise to mental torture or suffering through persecution

Suffering as a punishment from the Lord for mankind’s rejection of Divine Law and their persistence in evil doing. Historically we know that from time to time, those nations and tribes who rebelled and chose the life of the world only had been punished in view of the seriousness of their crimes.

Suffering as a trial, this removes from the system impurities and prepares believers for higher spiritual being. Also a devotee then becomes more attached to the Divine Lord. The suffering lowers the desires for a worldly lust and gives a clear understanding of the life hereafter. Very often in illness life becomes uncertain and automatically one places the trust unto Divine Lord so people of thinking may find a way forward.

Almighty reveals in the Quran:


Hence with suffering goes the spirituality and the essence of Divine Guidance and may Almighty guide us unto the Straight Path. AMEEN.